Griff Griffith

GMGS (1999 - Present)

Griff Griffith is a Principal at GMGS and as a CPA, utilizes a distinctive approach to designing commercial insurance programs and providing risk management service.  He leverages his years as a financial consultant to successfully protect his clients in a variety of industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Technology and Professional Services.  In addition to providing the best combination of coverage and premiums, Griff has gained special notoriety within the insurance industry for his proprietary employee training program called Workers’ Compensation School.  Griff teaches his client’s employees in English and Spanish “the why” behind corporate safety and how to achieve exceptional premium savings. As a Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Griff focuses on creating programs to protect the assets, employees and owners of the company. His distinctive service model is centered on broker accountability and making positive contributions to each client’s bottom line.